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What You Can Do With Integrated Payment Processing

Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to handle online and in-person transactions directly through the Gingr app. Your customers can conveniently purchase and renew packages online, keep card information on file, pre-pay deposits, and make in-person payments that connect directly to their Gingr accounts. 

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Features of Gingr’s Integrated Payment Processing 

It's easy to add Gingr Payments to your Gingr account. Contact us to schedule a call with our team today!

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Online Payments

Collect payments online using the Customer Portal for deposits, packages, subscriptions, invoices, and retail.

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Faster Checkout

Save time at checkout with payment options like card on file, contactless payments, and more.


Fast Reconciliation

Payments are automatically batched, with batch reports directly in Gingr. No need to reconcile, saving you hours of precious time.

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Integrated Dashboard

No need for another app or widget, manage Gingr Payments directly from your Gingr app.


Secure Payments

With PCI compliant, point-to-point encryption, you never have to worry about data security. Customers can safely keep encrypted payment options on file.

Store Cards on File

Store Cards on File

Save your customers and staff time by storing multiple cards on file for a single profile.

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Tip Selection

Increase tips for your staff by presenting tip options to your customer during checkout.


International Support

We offer integrated payment support for US and international customers, and hassle-free terminal payments for most international countries.


Mobile Payments

With wireless card readers and paperless receipts, you can collect payments on the go.

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Paperless Receipts

With instantly emailed receipts, your customers will have an easily accessible (and paperless) record of every purchase..

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Sell weekly and monthly subscriptions and credit packages with built-in autorenewal for steady, predictable cash flow.

It's easy to add Gingr Payments to your account!

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